The Best in Fine Indian Cuisine

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At Massey’s, we offer a distinctive dining experience, serving traditional and contemporary favourites of the finest Indian cuisine.

Unlike many Indian restaurants, Massey’s ensure that different kinds of meats are cooked in their own unique gravy. Restaurants often use the same sauce with all their meats and this can cause the lamb, chicken and beef dishes to taste the same. At Massey’s, Chef/Owner – Patson Massey personally grinds and mixes spices every day to create masala and curries that gives unique and authentic flavour. Chef Patson is confident about the quality of his food and believes that, it’s the experience that brings in the right combination of spices to prepare a perfect and authentic dish.

Patson started his career as an apprentice and chef in 1988 at the Taj Palace Hotel, a five-star establishment in New Delhi that has played host to Heads of State, corporate moguls and high profile businessmen from across the world. The Taj Palace Hotel focuses on the quality of food and hygiene and this is where Patson received the training and skills required to succeed in the food business.

Massey’s Fine Indian Cuisine has been serving London since 2005 and offers private dining, buffet Lunch and complete catering services for small or large groups and special events.





Massey's Fine Indian Cuisine

174 King Street, London, ON, N6A 1C6, Canada.