Chef Story


Food is my passion. I have grown watching my mother creating delicious and healthy meals for me, my father and my 4 other siblings in her kitchen. I think she had spent more than half of her life in the kitchen, and she is 70+ and still going strong with her cooking. Seeing her working hard, I would also go and help her with some cooking. I got my inspiration for cooking from her and when I grew up my older brother Anil, who is also chef by profession, motivated me to try my skills in the field of hospitality.

I was trained as a professional chef in 5 star hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi.  After completing my hotelier training from Taj Palace and working with them for 8 years, I immigrated to Canada and worked for another Indian restaurant in Toronto for 10 years. I had always dreamt of running my own restaurant. My dream came true in year 2005 when me and my wife Anisha moved to London and opened Massey’s Fine Indian Cuisine, together. I manage the kitchen and she manages the dining room.

My art is in creating delicious and surprising menu that will overwhelm your every senses.  Our customers enjoy and appreciate our food and hard work. Our restaurant focuses on traditional ingredients, recipes and cuisine that have been practiced in Northern India for centuries. In my opinion food preparation is an art that attracts eyes, nose and tongue towards it. And if you do it the right way you can get people wanting more each time.

It makes me feel very happy when I see my guest to walk out the restaurant feeling satisfied from the culinary perspective, and also feeling good about eating wholesome nutritious meal. I roast and blend my own spices daily, which give a very distinctive taste and flavour to each individual dishes. We use local fresh ingredients like meat and vegetables. I prepare my dishes with passion and love, and I make sure that everything that goes in it is the best quality ingredients. Our sauces are prepared fresh daily, and we make them with fresh Onions, Tomatoes Ginger and Garlic. We do not use flour, gelatine, cornstarch to thicken our sauces.  They are not pre-packaged or frozen. There are so many choices for GLUTEN FREE meals in my restaurant. They are hand blended each day with care and devotion in my kitchen. Spices have played a great role in my Indian culture, and Indian hospitality is world famous. I have learned the trick of blending different spices together to make a unique flavour. Please come and give me an opportunity to prepare a pleasantly memorable meal for you and your family.




Massey's Fine Indian Cuisine

174 King Street, London, ON, N6A 1C6, Canada.